NEW STYLES 2018 of KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots have arrived!


NEW STYLES 2018 of KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots have arrived!

Our NEW STYLES 2018 of KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots have just arrived! We are so excited to receive them, that we wanted to share a beautiful photo shoot with you and show how awesome they are!

Little Wanderer in KidORCA Children’s Rain Boots with Above-Knee Gaiter
Little Wanderer in KidORCA Children’s Rain Boots with Above-Knee Gaiter.

Our new KidORCA children’s rain boots now come in four colors: sweet PINK for little princesses, classic DARK GRAY model matching perfectly with everyday apparel, adorable BLUE and YELLOW rain boots with cute appliques which have been known to spread happiness and joy.

All the incredible features that you love so much are kept at the same high-quality level.

  • Unique 100% waterproof breathable gaiter that goes above the child’s knees. Those waders are crucial for keeping your kid’s feet dry in inclement weather.
  • Only natural rubber is used in production of the kids’ rain boots – quality control test has been performed and no hazardous chemicals detected (such as lead, cadmium, phthalates, pvc, formaldehyde). KidORCA MyPuddle rain boots pass ecological requirements successfully.

Follow your spirit in KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

Follow your spirit in KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

Fresh styles 2018 of KidORCA kids’ rain boots feature a few smart modifications:

  • Updated outsole that you can trust. Our customers are true nature lovers and do their best to inspire their children to live unplugged life and spend more time outdoors. We’ve anticipated that soft natural rubber would require a thicker outsole with top abrasion-resistant qualities. Recommended for regular hikes and scooter rides. With KidORCA, it is quality all the time.
  • Born by a persistent consumer demand, our new CLASSIC version of KidORCA kids’ rain boots in DARK GRAY come to life.  This model intentionally lacks the applique in front of the rain boot to follow the latest trends in wellington boots’ fashion. These DARK GRAYs put a start to our new CLASSIC collection that ideally matches to your kiddo’s wardrobe. More fashionable classic patterns are about to arrive (shhh, that’s a secret :)).

Experience nature with all five senses in KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

Experience nature with all five senses in KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots.

KidORCA continues to promote the precious spirit of childhood by extending its ORIGINAL line with bright and shining PINK rain boots. These kids’ wellies are a big hit with little girls who love doing their dance in the puddles. When everything else is grey and gloomy, make it bright! Our colorful rain gear with funny creatures on toes makes your toddler smile and playful under the greyest rainy skies. Orcas are loved by children so much that they tend to play role games with boots. 🙂

Add colors to rainy days in Kids’ Rain Boots by KidORCA

Add colors to rainy days in Kids’ Rain Boots by KidORCA

Soft 100% COTTON Lining – another great feature of KidORCA kids’ rain boots 2018 – ensures the boots are in use all year round. Paired with fleece liners make your child laugh at the cold. While we are developing KidORCA fleece liners, we recommend those from MEC. We love them. Though, as we’ve mentioned above, our R&D department is currently working on our own design of boot warmers made from hypoallergenic polar fleece. The liners will perfectly fit into KidORCA kids’ rain boots and stay there snug and comfy.

KidORCA keeps your child’s feet dry and protected during rigorous outdoor play.

Have FUN outside in KidORCA kids’ rain boots!

With LOVE,


Playing in the Shadow of a Glacier is not that Uncommon in Alaska


Playing in the Shadow of a Glacier is not that Uncommon in Alaska

In late January of 2017, my little family moved from Southern Illinois to the Anchorage area of Alaska. I had seen mountains before moving here, but none remotely comparable to what I found in Alaska. During our first car ride home from the airport, my breath was taken away as I stared at them in amazement. My son and I would begin exploring this amazing land in the following months. Sometimes we were accompanied by my husband, but more often by other mothers who also wanted to explore the vast region surrounding our new home.


He just loves to get messy and splash around, even if the water is what many would consider freezing.
Geared in KidORCA Kids Rain Boots.

Our friends and family seemed to think it crazy for us move nearly 3400 miles away, to a place most consider uninhabitable. However, since both my husband and I enjoy the excitement of exploration and have a thirst for learning about new things and places, we were ready to begin this new adventure. We hoped that we would instill that same thirst for adventure in our son and we were in luck.


I wish I had these sooner! Just last week I watched him dove knee deep into a puddle with his tennis shoes on!
Now we have these amazing KidORCA rain boots that will keep his feet dry!

The sense of adventure found in Alaskans extends to even its’ smallest inhabitants. There are many preschool and school age hiking groups that can be found in this area. We have joined other moms in hiking out to see a whale that had been found beached and was being studied by local scientists. We have hiked to glaciers and sand dunes. We have encountered moose, black bear, grizzlies, bald eagles and red salmon as long as my arm. I have learned the importance of bear bells and bear spray to our safety. Most importantly I have given my son the chance to explore and learn about the world around him. His love of sticks, rocks and mud has only grown with age. Since moving here, he has dug for slugs, found bear bread, collected pinecones, picked wild blueberries, observed minnows, played at the base of a waterfall, and been able to enjoy childhood wild and free, as it should be! Not many two-year-olds can boast that!


In Alaska beach days are not necessarily sunny. However, that is just a reality here.
We bundle up and make sure that our gear will keep us dry in case toddling little ones happen to fall in.

Alaska is rainy, some areas more than others. We have tried many different types of rain boots since moving here. My sons love of splashing in puddles is ever growing. Inevitably he will always throw himself into a knee-deep puddle, and that was the extent of any protection his old boots provided. Our hikes and outdoor excursions usually ended with me back at the van, stripping my son down, because his shoes and pants were soaked through. This simply wasn’t a good mix as the Alaskan summer quickly turned into fall.


KidORCA Kids’ Rubber Boots are lightweight and soft.
The boots material won’t disrupt his ability to run, jump, crawl, or splash!

Fall in Alaska is beautiful. However, it lasts about a week before both the temperature and the leaves come plummeting down. It’s mid-October and the snow that has been creeping down the mountains will reach us any day. The high temperatures are just above freezing. If you plan to spend any amount of time outside, you must have proper gear. Having the fleece-lined puddle boots that KidORCA provides is a blessing during this time of year. I don’t have to worry about his toes becoming increasingly cold in boots that only offer water protection. In addition to the fleece inside of KidORCA boots, the waders on the boots keep any frigid water from splashing within the boots.


What is it that makes children and sand mix so well? Geared in KidORCA Kids Rain Boots.

My son is not against going swimming in puddles. He has splashed in the ocean, many lakes, and a glacial stream in his KidORCA boots. He has even climbed trees, rocks, sand dunes and playground equipment in them. Each of our different excursions has proved successful wearing these boots. When using the KidORCA boots in combination with his rain suit, I was surprised by the amount of protection. During our most recent hike to Byron Glacier, my son was sitting for an extended amount of time in the running water adjacent to the glacier. I was very impressed by how dry he was when we took off his gear. With his old footwear, his pants would have been soaked through with icy glacial runoff. Now I don’t have to worry about my child freezing on the way home, because his clothes are dry once I take off his outer gear. The security that KidORCA boots offer against water and against the cold, allows us to spend much longer amounts of time outside.


KidORCA Rain Boots. Trusted rain gear for hikes with kids.

Alaskan winter is just days away and this will be our first full season here. Staying inside during the winter is not an option for us. I don’t want to dampen my son’s love of the outdoors and I personally can’t imagine waiting for winter to end in May before continuing our exploration of this amazing land. During the coming months, we will be sure to bundle up tight and keep on having adventures!


I’m just trying to show him stuff and he’s posing for the photo.
KidORCA Children Rain Boots – Great for Puddle Adventures.

KidORCA Kids Rain Boots Review by Christy Kendall

A Great Part of Being a Kid – Climbing Trees!


A Great Part of Being a Kid – Climbing Trees!

How do you encourage your kids to face the fear? Have you ever thought about it? That we, parents, may unintentionally teach kids to avoid risk-taking?


Reasonable risk-taking is beneficial to young minds. KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

To my own surprise, it takes some time to become pro-bravery with kids. To feel that cautioning my little angels against physical risk may have far-going consequences. Not good ones. And one of them might be a lack of confidence in their own decisions.
Good news is that bravery is learned, and we can learn it together with kids, through practice. Children are even better than us in it, most of the time. 😊

The simplest way is just to allow kids to climb trees — indeed risky play in general. To allow them to challenge themselves physically, to know their own strengths, trust themselves and take calculated risks.


Dream big in KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots.

To learn that fear can be found and known, and after that, you can take a good look at it, assess just how relevant it was, and then put it back to where it belonged. Behind your exhilaration, anticipation, and confidence. In other words, you are allowing your kids to climb trees not because you are a careless, neglectful parent. You are encouraging your kids to take evaluated risks to give them tools to handle a real life. You inspire kids to get outside and practice bravery – to learn alpine skiing, scuba diving or mountain biking. However, frankly speaking, I do still close my eyes when I see my child jumping at her figure skating classes :).


Beautiful Hyde Park on our way from National Gallery to Tower of London. KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

Last time I had a good chance to test my beliefs was in London’s Hyde Park. My own young daughters climbed up a gorgeous, knotted tree and were sitting there perched in the fork of two branches, hidden by leaves. There was something wonderful about watching girls climbing trees. And some scary feeling as well – a basic instinct of a parent to protect our children. But you put your fear behind and recall your own childhood memories and those moments of a great joy when the world goes by underneath you, and you sit far above and dream big.
Obviously, you should choose proper shoes for tree climbing (though our KidORCA rain boots are awesome, and fit the feet properly) and instruct kids on safety rules:

  • Test branches before trusting that they will hold you up
  • At least three points of contact with the tree at all times!
  • Climb close to the trunk and stay off of trees when they are slippery

Finally, recent studies show that risky play is important for kids because it teaches hazard assessment, it teaches delayed gratification, it teaches resilience, and it teaches confidence. And moreover, there is a critical mass of people, such as those in the free-range parenting movement, who are beginning to reject overprotection as a parenting strategy.


The imagination games that you can play in a tree are endless. KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots




It’s super awesome to see these type of posts 🙂 It makes our day! Our favorite part is the drawings of the boy’s hike in KidORCA kids’ rain boots. It is SO sweet of them.

kids rain boots

Can you find a little sister on mommy’s back? :). KidORCA kids rain boots

“…And as I stood watching the boys have a BLAST wade into tide pools, it suddenly dawned on me that traditional rain boots were simply NOT going to work. The way my kids were playing and running around into deeper patches of water…traditional rain boots would simply fill with water…”

kids rain boots

Puddle exploration. Level – Advanced

“…Something I was pleasantly surprised about was how well the boots seem to do while hiking. Since most water we encounter is during a hike…they really needed to be comfortable enough for the boys to put a few miles on pretty much each time we go out. We have used these boots multiple times, and each time one or both of the boys have walked a couple miles. There have been no complaints and no blisters or achy feet. This is a huge benefit for our family…”

KidORCA kids' rain boots

KidORCA kids’ rain boots

Adorable KidORCA kids rain boots with unique over-the-knee gaiter keep your kiddo’s pants tucked in tight. Conquer water and fearlessly explore in KidORCAs!

Ocean of Tulips. The Educational Value of Field Trips


Ocean of Tulips. The Educational Value of Field Trips

KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

Wow, what a wonderful day we shared with BLOOM Tulip Festival! With lots of laughter, exploration and stunning views. It makes a great adventure for all of us when we discover a fun new family spot to visit.

Kids rain boots

Swimming in tulips. Geared in KidORCA kids’ rain boots”

Switch off the screens, pack kid’s rain boots (the fields were muddy out there from morning storm) and come hang out amongst the beautiful tulips.

The youngest enjoyed the walk in their own way – running up and down the rows and jumping overabundant muddy puddles. I always wonder where do they get this boundless energy :). And how organically they channel it through the movement. All the worries melt away, and we are free to be the best versions of ourselves. Love this healing power of being in nature.

Kids rain boots

Footware: KidORCA kids’ rain boots

Our culture tempts to persuade us that there is a sense of urgency about childhood. However, we believe that we’re doing our kids a great kindness when we minimize their daily routines, remove plastic toys that crush creativity and nourish their growing minds with nature experience.

It is such a pleasure to watch kids at play. There are no pedestals, no special praise from and an adult created environment. Children are motivated exclusively by their own desire to keep the game alive and directed by their own imaginations.

Kids rain boots

LOVE. KidORCA kids’ rain boots

A child called me over. “Look!” she exclaimed. “My tulip is shaped like a heart.” It was a proper time to discuss with preschoolers a gentle touch and loving commitment the farmers are happy to provide to make this beauty blooming.

By the way, the trip was educational not only for the children. We learned a surprising fact as well: “The period from 1634 to 1637 is known as “Tulipmania” when Dutch enthusiasm for the new tulip flower caused the world’s first ‘speculative bubble’. The value of tulips shot up nearly overnight, they became the most expensive flower in the world, so expensive that they were treated as a form of currency. At the peak of tulip mania, in March 1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftworker.” Who would have thought that!

Kids rain boots

Hide & Seek in tulip maze. KidORCA kids’ rain boots

And finally, our favorite part of the day was picking up our own bouquet at a U-Pick field. That was the place when our awesome KidORCA kids’ rain boots made a difference. It looked very muddy and slippery between the rows, with deep puddles. Some best tulips seemed inaccessible. But not in our proper kids waterproof footwear :). A special over-the-knee 100% waterproof collar of the kids’ rain boots helped to keep the feet dry and warm. Some zones were so slippery that kids have to crawl through deep, slimy and sticky mud. They dropped to their hands and knees and away they went. That was fun!

Looking forward to wandering the fields next spring again.