Games Your Kids Can Play in Their Rain Boots

Games Your Kids Can Play in Their Rain Boots

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Rainy days can put a damper on your kids’ moods. They love playing outside, and when the first raindrop falls, they’ll have to make due spending time indoors. However, this isn’t always the case. From time to time, it’s good for kids to enjoy playing in the rain, or even right after it when the streets and backyard are still wet. Such weather doesn’t have to ruin their day, as long as their rightly dressed for the occasion. If they’re wearing their rain boots and coat, then they’re good to go to play, run, and have a ball outside. Their boots, in particular, keep them safe and dry from all the raindrop, mud, and puddles that they’re sure to splash around in.

To further brighten up your kids’ rainy days, suggest a few games they can easily play while wearing their rain gear. Some are classic and well-known, while others are a bit more unique and challenging, but still fun. Here are games your kids can play in their rain boots.



The Tag is the ultimate kid’s game that even you might have played when you were your kids’ age. the thrill of having to run away from the one that’s it, as well as chasing your playmates so that they’ll be it, will be as exhilarating for your kids as it was for you back then. And even when it’s rain, as long as your kids have their rain boots on, they’ll stay nice and dry amidst all the running and splashing around.


Ring Around the Rosie

Another old-school classic is “Ring Around the Rosie.” This game has been passed down from generation to generation, and while it’s usually played during sunny and clear days, they’re just as fun, maybe even more, during or right after the rain.  Your little ones will have a marvellous time stomping and splashing while they twirl around each other. And no matter how big the splashes get, your kids’ rain boots will protect them from getting a cold, even when they “all fall down!”

The Biggest Splash
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Probably the easiest and the first game your children will play outside is to see who can make the biggest splash. Jumping and stomping around, your little ones will try to make as big splashes as possible, which means there’s a big chance they’ll get wet. Not, however, if they’re wearing the proper gear, especially a high-quality pair of rain boots. Some that go above the knee or have above-knee gaiters can keep them safe and dry no matter how big a splash they make.


Water Gun Fight

Since they’re gonna become wet anyways, why not go all the way with the game? With a few water guns or even some water balloons, your kids can go to war splashing each other to see who can make each other the wettest. It’ a fun game that’s usually played during the summer season, but can be just as fun and exciting during rainy days. Furthermore, if your kids are wearing the special rain boots, their feet will still be dry and they won’t get wet out of the water street puddles that might have some germs in them.


Making Mud Pies

Sometimes, getting dirty is half the fun. For only a day or two, allow your kids to play with mud and make mud pies. This classic children’s past time helps develop their creativity and even spark a culinary interest within them. As long as you make them understand that these “pies” are not for eating and that they have to clean up the moment they’re done playing, then there’s no problem to it. Let your little ones’ imagination go wild and let them play making mudpies after the rain.


Mini Boat Racing

This is one of the few games that require a toy. If your kids have their own toy boats, they can race them on the water puddles on the street. Sometimes, it’s even better when it’s still raining as the flow of water will be stronger, making the race much more exciting. Fortunately, while your little ones’ hands are sure to be wet and cold, their feet can still remain warm and dry thanks to their boots. This is also one of these games where above-knee gaiters will come pretty handy.


Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a classic part of a camping activity. But when it’s raining outside, it makes for a more exciting challenge. Hide some objects in different parts of your yard and instruct your kids to find them and gather them all up. At times, you even just list commonly rare things to find in the backyard and let them find such themselves. And doing so in the rain makes it all the more fun, as long as they’re wearing their rain boots to easily keep them safe and dry.


The Floor is Lava

“The Floor is Lava” is usually played indoors, but some backyard furniture and a heavy flow of rain make the game perfect for outside. Seeing the water as if it’s lava makes it all the more realistic and convincing that to your kids that they shouldn’t step on it. And when they’re doing so while wearing the kids’ rain boots, the fewer chances they are of slipping and breaking their bodies. In no time, the sound of raindrops will be drained down by your kids screeching, screaming, and laughing.


Make Music

To really encourage your little ones’ creativity, have them make music in the rain. Take out some pots and pans, some glasses or so, and teach them to orchestrate a rainy symphony for you. Children love playing like a band, and this is an easier way to help them learn more about music. Among the many games in this list, this is also one of the few that don’t have them running around and getting even wetter with every splash. Here, the splashes make music.


Catch the Raindrops with Your Tongue

Practically the easiest rainy day game for any kid is to catch as many raindrops as they can with their tongue. You don’t have to worry about their health and safety as rain is just water, the same as the type they drink. With this pastime, they’re also not running around and splashing about, making fewer risks of getting into all sorts of accidents.

Don’t be a party pooper and let your kids play outside in the rain or just right after it. There are loads of ways they can have fun. And as long as they’re wearing their trusty rain boots, they’ll still be warm and dry by the time they go inside.