How to Keep Your Little Ones Cozy This Spring Season

How to Keep Your Little Ones Cozy This Spring Season

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In a few short weeks, it’ll be springtime again! The sun is out, the air is sweet with the scent of newly bloomed flowers, and the birds are chirping away. Kids can now play outside without having to wear thick coats wherein they can’t even move properly in. Now, the fun begins and everyone is merry. However, your little one has to be careful as they don’t want to catch spring fever! Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean it’s completely hot outside. At times, the chill of the winter winds can still breeze through and can prove to be too cold for your children.

Parents, you don’t have to worry as much, as there are various ways of dressing your kid for a day out under the sunshine. It’s all in the matter of choosing the right garments that’ll both be light enough to prevent over-sweating, but thick enough that the clothes are not too breezy and chilly. Listed here are a few notable suggestions.


Cotton Cuties

Of all the materials fitting for a fine spring day, cotton is the best for your kids. They’re soft, thin enough that they’re light, but also thick enough for them to stay cozy in against the chilly spring breezes. It’s also an incredibly common fabric, which means you can easily purchase clothes made out of it in almost all the stores. Make sure you get the ones that have the right thickness, as well as that your kids are comfortable when wearing them.


Bring on the Bucket Hats

Contrary to popular belief, bucket hats were actually made to protect kids’ heads against the sunlight, not necessarily against the winter blues. This adorable head-gear is one of few garments that kids can wear for all seasons. And in spring, they’ll be perfect in keeping your little ones’ heads and ears from the sudden spring rain showers as well as when the sun gets too bright and hot. Whichever case it is, your child will still feel comfortable enough to play and have a good time outdoors.


Sleeved-Sundresses and T-Shirts

Although sleeveless sundresses would look adorable on little girls and tank tops would look dashing on little boys, they’re more for the summer season. It’s best if you store them aside for just a couple of weeks. For spring, short sleeves are the way to go for little girls’ dainty dresses and little boys’ t-shirts. They’re the best and comfiest wardrobe pieces that’ll they’ll likely love wearing. They’d also have an easier time running around and playing under the springtime sun with such clothes.


A Nice Jacket Will Do

Rain can come at any time, whatever season it may be. In fact, during some years, it’s more common to have sudden showers during spring than both fall and winter. But do they have to ruin your kids’ day out? Not necessarily! As long as you have a rain-ready jacket for them, they’ll be fine. You can pack it in your bag when you go out to the park, or sneak them onto their backpacks before they head to school.  


Keep Your Childrens Rain Boots

Another rain-ready garment you can dress your kids in during spring is their pair of rain boots. This type of garment is actually tailor-made to withstand such weather, so putting them on your kids’ feet or simply packing them in your bag wherever you go with them are musts! With your childrens rain boots, you’re also allowing them to have fun even when it’s raining, which will be a definite plus on you as the best parent in the world!


Lay on the Knits

Sweater weather doesn’t have to stop simply because it’s no longer winter. Some knitted pieces, such as cardigans, socks, and short-sleeved sweaters are just as perfect to wear for spring as they are for fall and winter. These garments will also keep your little ones warm enough to withstand after-rain afternoons and breezy spring mornings. Just ensure that the clothes aren’t too thick as your kids will sweat profusely when running around and playing in them under the springtime sun.


Brighten Up with Color

Spring is for vibrant and vivacious colours. The more colourful your children’s clothes are, the more they’re ready to spend a stylish spring day outdoors. Whichever garment it is, inject a vivid pop of colour onto your kids’ outfits. Not only will this make them stand-out, thereby making it easier for you watch over them, but bright colours are also actually warmer to wear during spring and summer. The bright colours are able to reflect the sun’s light and heat, making the clothes warmer for those chilly spring winds.


Go for Denim Jeans

Another material that has the right amount of thickness and flexibility for springtime is denim. Why do you think fashion designers often present denim-centric designs for their spring collections? The material is light enough to encourage wide agency, but also thick enough to instill some warmth, but also not too much. For your kids, go for the classic denim blue jeans to keep them cozy during the colder days of the spring season.


Thinner Socks are Better

If there’s one garment that your kids will want to wear whatever season it is, that’ll be a pair of socks. For some reason, kids enjoy wearing these feet-covers, even when it’s too hot for them. But for spring, they can still wear socks, especially to keep them toasty during the colder and rainy days of the season, when they’re not too thick. You can buy pairs that are not as thick as what they’d wear during winter. You can even have them in different colours and patterns for a bit of stylish fun.


Little Sneakerheads

Apart from children’s rain boots, the best footwear for kids for springtime is a pair of sneakers. This isn’t the season yet for open-toe sandals and flip-flops, sneakers, however, are great to provide comfort, the right sporty element for playtime, as well as some warmth for those pesky windy spring days. Your kids can even choose one that can be laced-up, for better fastening, or the ones that zip-up, for an easier time to slip on and off.

Keep your kids springtime-ready with any of these garments! You’ll find that not only are they comfortable, but they’ll protect your little ones from getting spring fever!