How Your Kids Can Stay Warm and Look Good In the Rain

How Your Kids Can Stay Warm and Look Good In the Rain

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It’s always the colder seasons where people get to dress their best. All those layers for staying warm and dry make it look like people are in a fashion magazine. What’s not to love about dressing up for colder climates? Fuzzy knit sweaters, well-cut jackets, nicely-fitting pants, and more are essential in staying warm but also fashionable. In many respects, dressing up for rainy day calls for the same type of dressing. But dressing up for the rain, however, isn’t has fun and fierce as many would like, especially for kids.

Little ones are the most vulnerable in catching a cold when it’s raining, which is why you dress them up in multiple garments specifically made for such days. But they also aren’t the most stylish pieces in their wardrobe. Fortunately, this can all change. There are many garments and items out there that can still help your children stay warm and dry but still look fashionable. Here is a list of them.


Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are all the rage nowadays. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and are adorable headpieces to wear for any sort of day. Before, it used to be that only kids wore them, particularly during the summer to protect their heads from the sun’s excessive heat. But now, they’ve become streetwear staples. For kids, they’re also as trendy and can be worn to safeguard their heads during rainy days. In fact, their even constructed in a way that there are fewer chances for water to hit your kids’ faces.

Clear Umbrellas

Who doesn’t love a clear umbrella? They’re cute, adorable, and can keep anyone dry when it’s raining. Their exquisitely round shapes make them look almost vintage and cartoonish, but still fashionable as well. These shapes not only helps keep one dry, but they also let the raindrops fall far from the body so that the kids won’t get wet at all. Additionally, the clear ones are the more interesting to look at, and they’re perfect for your kids to carry around when there’s a chance of rain.


Translucent Outerwear

Keeping up the clear trend are translucent outerwear. Jackets and raincoats made out of synthetic clear fabric, some even plastic, are not extremely fashionable nowadays. In fact, such outerwear is what many are seeing on the runways of fashion capitals like London, New York, and Paris. Translucent coats and jackets keep the bodies warm and dry but also gives your little ones a chance to show off their outfit underneath. Another bonus is that they’ll be easy to wash since you’ll see right away where all the specks of dirt are.


Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets have since become a streetwear favourite, thus making it a highly fashionable article of clothing. Sometimes, the puffier the jacket, the more desirable they are to many people. But for kids, a medium-puffed kind is enough and actually better. In fact, kids have often worn puffer jackets more than adults, as they keep their bodies dry and warm from rain and snow. If you’re buying one for your kids, just make sure that the outerwear isn’t too big that they’re unable to move around and play in them.


Brightly-coloured Raincoats

Rainy days are often dreary and gray days, so why not put a little colour into them? If your kids are not into translucent outerwear or puffer jackets, then maybe a nice brightly-coloured raincoat can do the trick. Even in the harshest of rainfalls, your kid can brighten up anyone’s day with their stylish new outerwear. Raincoats come in different colours now, not just in the classic yellow that was before. Today, you can see raincoats in red, blue, pink, orange, green, and many more.

Rain Boots
kids' rain boots

In recent years, rain boots have become slightly fashionable. especially for kids. This type of footwear is fun and cute too look at, as well as effective in keeping children’s feet dry and toasty amidst cold rainy days. Nowadays, some rain boots even have supplementary accessories, like above-knee gaiters, that are as fashionable as they are functional. These are the ones to look out for if you’re buying your stylish little one a pair. With their adorable style and practical use, rain boots are wise investments.


Aqua Shoes

Aqua shoes are usually for going to the beach, but that shouldn’t stop your child from donning them during a rainy day. If your kids don’t have a pair of rain boots, they can wear aqua shoes in the meantime. This slick and sleek type of footwear can just as easily keep your children’s feet warm and dry, despite its limited silhouette. They also come inv various colours, from eye-catching metallics, pleasing pastels, and warm navies. When a sudden rain shower appears, it’s high time you get your kids’ aqua shoes out so they can still have some fun in the rain.


Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are ultimately the most classic garment in this list. While they’re not necessarily waterproof, they’ll still keep your kids warm below their rain-appropriate outerwear. Denim jeans look good on anybody, even the little ones. They’ll look and feel all grown up in them, which in turn, can make them feel happy and fun. There are certain lengths to choose from that can still protect their legs and feet from getting wet, although not as good as when they wear rain boots.


Ponchos are back and they’re better than ever. These easy-to-wear outerwear pieces now come in various colours and materials, many of which are perfect to wear in the rain. Some even have hoods so that your kids’ heads will also be protected from the rain. You can buy your little ones the translucent kind, so they can still show off their outfit underneath, or the brightly-coloured ones to add a bit of colour on a rainy day. Whichever you choose, at least they’ll be easy to wear and will ensure that your children are safe and dry.

Anything Neoprene

Neoprene is a stretchy jersey-lie fabric often used for swimming gear. However, nowadays, clothing brands also make outerwear and rain gear in the same material. It’s even become incredibly fashionable nowadays, with countless high fashion brands using them for their collections. For your kids, neoprene can go beyond the swimsuits and can be used for their outerwear as well. Any of the garments mentioned earlier can be made out of neoprene, and not only will your kids be safeguarded from the rain, but they’ll also be stylish and ready to play as well.

Rainy days make for the best opportunity to dress your kids up in stylish threads. Any of the pieces in this list and more can make your kids look fashionable yet still dry in the rain, so get to shopping and buy them all!