Is Your Child Wearing Comfortable and Durable Rain Boots?

Is Your Child Wearing Comfortable and Durable Rain Boots?

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Comfort is the most important quality when it comes to children’s wear. Your kids won’t care how fitter their shirts are. Or how their butts look like in their jean. Or even how trendy their outfits are. As long as they’re comfortable in what they wear, they’ll love them. In fact, if a piece is extra comfy for them, they’ll want to wear it again and again until the garment can no longer be worn. If you’re shopping for your children, it’s essential to know how comfortable they are in clothes. This is doubly important when it comes to specific weather gear, such as rain boots.

On the surface, rain boots can seem like the most relaxed and most comfortable footwear for kids. But frequently, they’re not. There are many aspects in which a pair of kids’ rain boots can be extremely uncomfortable for your children. To find out what they are, here are the questions you’ll need to answer when examining their rain boots.


Are the Boots the Right Size?

As with any other footwear, the right size of rain boots essential in ensuring comfort for your kid’s feet. Often, it’s better to buy your little one a pair that’s half-a-size or whole size bigger than their foot size because when the boots get wet by the rain, they tend to shrink a little. And when this shrinkage happens, your kid’s feet and toes will still have enough room and space to breathe. Luckily, our range has a lot of sizes to choose from that can fit any young age.


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Do they Pinch your Kid’s Toes?

Your kid’s rain boots are made out of rubber, so when you give them a pair that’s a bit too small for their feet, they’ll pinch their toes. Feet-pinching shoes are quite common, and frequently can be bearable, but for your little one’s rubber rain boots, it’s a different story. Despite its soft and flexible properties, when rubber boots pinch your kid’s toes, it tends to be more painful than when usual shoe materials such as leather and suede. The pinching is a tad bit too intense when the footwear is made out of rubber.


Are they Lightweight?

Kids measure comfort, not just through how they feel in gear, but also with how they’re able to move about in them. If the rain boots are not lightweight, chances are they’re not for your child. Your little one has to feel free and comfy enough to be able to run around in the rain or snow without worrying about their feet. You can usually tell how big a pair of rain boots are just by lifting up with one hand at the same time. Although the thicker the rubber material makes for more waterproof boots, they’re most likely quite heavy for your kid’s feet to carry.

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Do your Kid’s Feet Sweat in them?

Sometimes, even when it’s cold and raining outside, your kid’s feet can still sweat up a storm while wearing his/her rain boots. The pressure from all the weather conditions makes the shoes feel all stuffy, leading your kid’s feet to sweat like crazy. If this often happens with his/her own pair, then your kid isn’t comfy in them. Usually, it’s the boots with a lining that make your kid’s feet sweat, but there are still some with either cotton or fleece materials that can keep his/her feet still fresh amidst the water pressure.


Can Your Kid Twist His/Her Feet in them?

Since rubber is a flexible material, your kid should have no problem twisting his/her feet in them. But if he can’t, it means your child isn’t wearing a comfortable pair of rain boots. Some companies make their rain boots too thick to really keep the water from going inside and making the kid’s feet all wet. While they are useful in doing so, they’re also sacrificing the kid’s comfort in the process. Despite its practical use, if the kid isn’t comfortable in it, he/she won’t wear the boots.


Are the Easy to Put On?

Rain boots are practically the most natural type of footwear to put on. A simple slip-on and your kid will be in them in no time. But what if his/her pair isn’t that simple to put on? This means two things: one is you bought your child the wrong size or that the couple is an uncomfortable one. Because of how they’re cut and constructed, not to mention the thickness of the rubber material, some rain boots can still be challenging to put despite the right size. It should take your childless then a minute to put on a pair, and if it makes him/her more than that, it’s time to replace the boots.

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Can Your Kids wear Socks in them?

Another quality that dictates how comfortable your kid’s rain boots are if your child can wear socks in them. Going back to the thickness of the material and the construction of the footwear, some rain boots might feel too tight if your kids wear socks in them. This is especially if the pair also has lining inside. Depending on the size of the boots, wearing socks should make them too tight on your kid’s feet. If they are, then that’s an uncomfortable pair you’ve bought for your child and chances are he/she won’t want to wear them ever again.


Does Moisture Go Inside them?

One of the actual tests of rain boots’ quality and durability is if moisture goes inside them. Once your kid is done playing in the rain or the snow and when they take off their boots in the house, check if their feet are wet. If they are, then the pair you bought is both low quality and uncomfortable. You kid wouldn’t like having moist or wet feet after playing around in their boots, and he/she will most likely ask you to replace them. Keeping your kid’s feet dry and warm is the primary function of their rain boots, and such can’t even do that, then there’s no point in buying or keeping them.

Someday, your kid will want to play in the rain or snow, but he/she will also want to be comfortable while doing it. For such, buy them a high-quality pair of rain boots that are perfect for their size and shape. By wintertime, or when the rain comes pouring, they’ll still have some comfy playtime outside.