Ocean of Tulips. The Educational Value of Field Trips

Ocean of Tulips. The Educational Value of Field Trips

Ocean Of Tulips 2 - Kidorca My Puddle Boots

Ocean of Tulips. The Educational Value of Field Trips

KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots

Wow, what a wonderful day we shared with BLOOM Tulip Festival! With lots of laughter, exploration and stunning views. It makes a great adventure for all of us when we discover a fun new family spot to visit.

Kids rain boots

Swimming in tulips. Geared in KidORCA kids’ rain boots”

Switch off the screens, pack kid’s rain boots (the fields were muddy out there from morning storm) and come hang out amongst the beautiful tulips.

The youngest enjoyed the walk in their own way – running up and down the rows and jumping overabundant muddy puddles. I always wonder where do they get this boundless energy :). And how organically they channel it through the movement. All the worries melt away, and we are free to be the best versions of ourselves. Love this healing power of being in nature.

Kids rain boots

Footware: KidORCA kids’ rain boots

Our culture tempts to persuade us that there is a sense of urgency about childhood. However, we believe that we’re doing our kids a great kindness when we minimize their daily routines, remove plastic toys that crush creativity and nourish their growing minds with nature experience.

It is such a pleasure to watch kids at play. There are no pedestals, no special praise from and an adult created environment. Children are motivated exclusively by their own desire to keep the game alive and directed by their own imaginations.

Kids rain boots

LOVE. KidORCA kids’ rain boots

A child called me over. “Look!” she exclaimed. “My tulip is shaped like a heart.” It was a proper time to discuss with preschoolers a gentle touch and loving commitment the farmers are happy to provide to make this beauty blooming.

By the way, the trip was educational not only for the children. We learned a surprising fact as well: “The period from 1634 to 1637 is known as “Tulipmania” when Dutch enthusiasm for the new tulip flower caused the world’s first ‘speculative bubble’. The value of tulips shot up nearly overnight, they became the most expensive flower in the world, so expensive that they were treated as a form of currency. At the peak of tulip mania, in March 1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftworker.” Who would have thought that!

Kids rain boots

Hide & Seek in tulip maze. KidORCA kids’ rain boots

And finally, our favorite part of the day was picking up our own bouquet at a U-Pick field. That was the place when our awesome KidORCA kids’ rain boots made a difference. It looked very muddy and slippery between the rows, with deep puddles. Some best tulips seemed inaccessible. But not in our proper kids waterproof footwear :). A special over-the-knee 100% waterproof collar of the kids’ rain boots helped to keep the feet dry and warm. Some zones were so slippery that kids have to crawl through deep, slimy and sticky mud. They dropped to their hands and knees and away they went. That was fun!

Looking forward to wandering the fields next spring again.

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