Playing in the Shadow of a Glacier is not that Uncommon in Alaska

Playing in the Shadow of a Glacier is not that Uncommon in Alaska

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Playing in the Shadow of a Glacier is not that Uncommon in Alaska

In late January of 2017, my little family moved from Southern Illinois to the Anchorage area of Alaska. I had seen mountains before moving here, but none remotely comparable to what I found in Alaska. During our first car ride home from the airport, my breath was taken away as I stared at them in amazement. My son and I would begin exploring this amazing land in the following months. Sometimes we were accompanied by my husband, but more often by other mothers who also wanted to explore the vast region surrounding our new home.


He just loves to get messy and splash around, even if the water is what many would consider freezing.
Geared in KidORCA Kids Rain Boots.

Our friends and family seemed to think it crazy for us move nearly 3400 miles away, to a place most consider uninhabitable. However, since both my husband and I enjoy the excitement of exploration and have a thirst for learning about new things and places, we were ready to begin this new adventure. We hoped that we would instill that same thirst for adventure in our son and we were in luck.


I wish I had these sooner! Just last week I watched him dove knee deep into a puddle with his tennis shoes on!
Now we have these amazing KidORCA rain boots that will keep his feet dry!

The sense of adventure found in Alaskans extends to even its’ smallest inhabitants. There are many preschool and school age hiking groups that can be found in this area. We have joined other moms in hiking out to see a whale that had been found beached and was being studied by local scientists. We have hiked to glaciers and sand dunes. We have encountered moose, black bear, grizzlies, bald eagles and red salmon as long as my arm. I have learned the importance of bear bells and bear spray to our safety. Most importantly I have given my son the chance to explore and learn about the world around him. His love of sticks, rocks and mud has only grown with age. Since moving here, he has dug for slugs, found bear bread, collected pinecones, picked wild blueberries, observed minnows, played at the base of a waterfall, and been able to enjoy childhood wild and free, as it should be! Not many two-year-olds can boast that!


In Alaska beach days are not necessarily sunny. However, that is just a reality here.
We bundle up and make sure that our gear will keep us dry in case toddling little ones happen to fall in.

Alaska is rainy, some areas more than others. We have tried many different types of rain boots since moving here. My sons love of splashing in puddles is ever growing. Inevitably he will always throw himself into a knee-deep puddle, and that was the extent of any protection his old boots provided. Our hikes and outdoor excursions usually ended with me back at the van, stripping my son down, because his shoes and pants were soaked through. This simply wasn’t a good mix as the Alaskan summer quickly turned into fall.


KidORCA Kids’ Rubber Boots are lightweight and soft.
The boots material won’t disrupt his ability to run, jump, crawl, or splash!

Fall in Alaska is beautiful. However, it lasts about a week before both the temperature and the leaves come plummeting down. It’s mid-October and the snow that has been creeping down the mountains will reach us any day. The high temperatures are just above freezing. If you plan to spend any amount of time outside, you must have proper gear. Having the fleece-lined puddle boots that KidORCA provides is a blessing during this time of year. I don’t have to worry about his toes becoming increasingly cold in boots that only offer water protection. In addition to the fleece inside of KidORCA boots, the waders on the boots keep any frigid water from splashing within the boots.


What is it that makes children and sand mix so well? Geared in KidORCA Kids Rain Boots.

My son is not against going swimming in puddles. He has splashed in the ocean, many lakes, and a glacial stream in his KidORCA boots. He has even climbed trees, rocks, sand dunes and playground equipment in them. Each of our different excursions has proved successful wearing these boots. When using the KidORCA boots in combination with his rain suit, I was surprised by the amount of protection. During our most recent hike to Byron Glacier, my son was sitting for an extended amount of time in the running water adjacent to the glacier. I was very impressed by how dry he was when we took off his gear. With his old footwear, his pants would have been soaked through with icy glacial runoff. Now I don’t have to worry about my child freezing on the way home, because his clothes are dry once I take off his outer gear. The security that KidORCA boots offer against water and against the cold, allows us to spend much longer amounts of time outside.


KidORCA Rain Boots. Trusted rain gear for hikes with kids.

Alaskan winter is just days away and this will be our first full season here. Staying inside during the winter is not an option for us. I don’t want to dampen my son’s love of the outdoors and I personally can’t imagine waiting for winter to end in May before continuing our exploration of this amazing land. During the coming months, we will be sure to bundle up tight and keep on having adventures!


I’m just trying to show him stuff and he’s posing for the photo.
KidORCA Children Rain Boots – Great for Puddle Adventures.

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