The Creative Mother’s Guide to Protecting Kid’s From Sickness

The Creative Mother’s Guide to Protecting Kid’s From Sickness

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Let’s face it, moms, the world can be very dangerous for your kids. It’s not just about the grown-up dangers you have to protect them from, but also ones that might just be around the corner. This is about the common cold and other illnesses your kid might catch. The sad truth is, kids will get sick, and there’s nothing you can do to ever stop it. Your little one will have to suffer having the sniffles or coughing from time to time. In many ways, this might also help them in understanding how important it is to take care of their bodies.

Just because kids are prone to get sick, however, doesn’t mean you’d just let them catch the colds. It’s always still important that, whenever you can, and with whatever means necessary, that you protect your children from getting sick. But how should you do it? Well, here are a few creative ways.


Teach Kids About Germs

First thing’s first, it helps if your kids understand how they get sick in the first place. Teach them about germs, where they come from, how they get into their bodies, and why that makes them sick. You don’t have to be so technical about it. Show animated imagery and come up with songs that stick in their heads. This way, they’ll be more or less aware of what games they play or activities they do that might lead them to get sick.


Introduce Indoor Games

Now that you’ve taught them all about germs, it may best to convince them not to play in places where there will be a lot. While it is encouraged and healthy for kids to play outside, many times, it’s better if they play inside where you can control how dirty they become. Once you’ve clean your entire house, you can transform it into an indoor playground full of fun games and activities. They’ll be less exposed to cold-inducing germs here, and you can better ensure their safety as well. You also won’t have to go through the trouble of dressing them up in kids’ rain boots and puffy coats for them to play. 

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Make Washing Up Fun

Apart from understanding germs, they also have to avoid them by washing up. But let’s admit it, that’s never the easiest thing to do. Kids these days love getting dirty and rough, even when they know the shouldn’t. That’s part of their childhood, and arguably, some germs can be good for them. Only some, however, and not a lot, and to convince them to wash up, make it a fun game. Whoever washes first gets a prize, for example, or the can wash to the beat of their favourite kiddie songs.


Create Fruits and Vegetable Characters

Probably one of the best ways to protect your kids from getting sick is to feed them the right nutrients. These nutrients are the ones found in various fruits or vegetables, like Vitamin C in oranges and lemons, and iron in spinach. Of course, these aren’t exactly the foods your children will instantly like, which is why it pays to get creative and turn them into characters. For example, the fruits, which are sweeter and therefore more attuned to what kids like, can be superheroes while the vegetables are the villains. Snack time will be easier and all the more healthy with such characters.


Always Orange Juice

Speaking of oranges, their tasty juices are the best liquids to stave off any common cold. The vitamin C this drink contains is proven to lessen and shorten colds among little ones. While it’s not difficult to let them drink the juice, there will be times when they’ll prefer other drinks, particularly sodas or chocolate milk. These aren’t the beverages for any child to stay healthy, so as much as you can, be strict in only giving them orange juice. You can make it a little sweeter by adding some sugar, but not so much that the juice becomes unhealthy as well.

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Lessen their Sweets

Kids love sweets. More than healthy vegetables, they’d prefer the sweeter fruits or the artificial snacks made by big companies. Although sugar is good for giving them lots of energy, too much of it can lead to common colds and stomach aches. And when not controlled right, can also lead to the more serious illness of obesity. When preparing their meals, just put enough sweets for dessert and nothing more. Be strict in lessening their intake of sugar, as the consequences are direr than you might realize.


Give Appropriate Weather Gear

When they do play outside, ensure that they’re wearing the appropriate gear for the current weather. When it’s summer and dry, dress them in simple and soft clothes that are comfortable to wear. When it’s fall and rainy, give them a nice pair of affordable kids’ rain boots. Such boots allow them to avoid as many germs as they can while they play in or after the rainfall. While during summer, the more comfortable they are playing about under the sun, the less sickly the feel once they go inside.

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Keep Them Warm and Toasty

During the colder seasons, you can only do so much to try and stave off the common cold. This sort of climate leaves your little one in such vulnerable states that they’ll most like get a cold often during this season. To avoid such, help them keep as warm as possible. When they play outside, be it jumping on the leaves of fall or running in the snowy winter, dress them up in nice warm coats and toasty kids’ rain boots. At least, with these garments, you’re able to give them all the agency to still have fun without catching a cold.


Teach them the “Elbow Trick”

What is the elbow trick? It’s simply covering your face with your elbow when you sneeze and getting a tissue to wipe the fluids off your body. If your kids know how to do this and understand when to do it, they won’t spread the sickness to other kids in the area. It’s also a polite way of sneezing in public. You can teach it to them as a form of a nifty trick to ensure that they’ll remember it for a long time. 


Tissues are Friends

Just like how kid’s rain boots are their best friends during rainy days, tissues are their best friends when they have the sniffles. To avoid getting sicker or anyone else catching the sickness, teach your little ones how to properly blow into a tissue. They should also know how to correctly wipe their bodily fluids or germs with it as well. When they completely understand what they’re for, you might not even have to look over them as intensely. As long as there’s a tissue box around, and they know how to use one, your kids will be fine.

When it comes to kids, you have to be as creative as you can, particularly when it comes to their health. It’s through your unique and fun ways that your children will understand the importance of their health and why they should avoid getting sick at all costs!