Travel Essentials for Kids

Travel Essentials for Kids

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Travelling with your kids can be pretty tricky. Your little ones aren’t easily adaptable to different places as you are. When going off to another city, state, or even country, you have to be very careful with what you pack.

Some items are integral to making the trip comfortable and a lot more enjoyable for your children, so they have to be part of your travel gear.

They’ll help keep your little one calm when travelling, comfort them when they’re anxious, and help them pass the time when they’re bored.

Fortunately, a lot of these items are small and can fit in both your luggage and carry-ons.

Some of them are vital garments to bring when sudden weather doesn’t agree with your plans. Others are certain knick-knacks you can use to distract them during a flight or train ride.

To help you travelling parents out there, here are some travel essential for kids.



Your kids can be the biggest critics when it comes to food. If you’re going to another country whose cuisine is completely different from your at home, it’s best to pack some snacks, both for during travel time and on the trip itself.

For the former, this keeps your kids calm and collected when you’re flying on the plane or travelling via train. For the latter, snacks from can keep them full if they’re not up to the exotic and new dishes the country’s cuisine offers.

The snacks you bring can be anything, from normal sweets that can boost your kid’s energy during the trip, or even some healthy fruits and vegetables in bite sizes.


Vitamins and Medicine

Never forget your kids’ vitamins when you travel. Whether it’s just to another city or all the way to a whole new country, children need their vitamins in order to grow and stay healthy.

Your little ones’ nutrition is of utmost importance, especially when you’re in a place where the food is unfamiliar. And on that note, don’t forget to bring some medicine as well, particular ones for stomach aches.

If your kids eat dishes that won’t agree to them, a simple sip of some medicine can cure them right away. This way, your entire trip isn’t ruined because of some exotic dish.


Water Tumblers

rain boots for kids

If you’re planning to take your kids on a hike or camping, then a water tumbler is a very important essential. After such strenuous activities, your little ones are going to need to rehydrate, and tumblers keep their water nice and cold even after a long and hot day.

Fortunately, they’re also easy to pack, with some that can be attached to their backpacks or connected to their luggage. Make sure you get the ones that keep the water cool, as, after those long hikes under the sun, they wouldn’t want to sip warm water.

And if those tumblers don’t work, maybe pack in a cooler as well so you’ll still have ice.


Ear Plugs

As parents, you can’t control what happens in your family’s flights or train rides. There will be times wherein your co-passengers would want to chat a little amongst themselves or watch a movie.

What they do on such flights and train rides is their prerogative, and unfortunately, we have no control over what they do. 

But what if your children have to sleep, what can you do? Buy a set of earplugs for them. If your co-passengers aren’t peaceful, at least your kid can still be as they snooze away.

At least there won’t be any more problems, and your kids still get to sleep safely and soundly.


Sleeping Masks

Similarly to their noise, your co-passengers can also choose to keep the light on during your flight or train ride. Maybe they want to read something, write a letter to their loved ones at home, or simply chat with a friend.

In any case, it’s also their right to keep the light on and ignore your request to turn them off for the sake of your sleeping kids. This means it’s up to you to ensure that your little ones will still get some peaceful slumber while you’re in transit.

When this happens, pack in some sleeping masks. Kiddie kinds even come in cute animal faces and cartoon characters. Just slip them on their heads, and they’ll be ready to go to sleep.


Rain Boots for Kids

KidORCA Kids Rain Boots Blue - Kidorca My Puddle Boots

Another thing you can’t control while you’re travelling is the weather. Even if the places are described to be hot, tropical, and summery all season long, that never stopped a few downpours.

To fully prepare for such, pack in your kid’s rain boots so you can still have fun in the rain. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stop all the fun that you could do.

You can still see some sights, play around in the park, or even go out camping even when it’s raining. The boots will keep your kids’ feet, and for some products, their legs, warm and dry amidst the downpour.



Now that their feet are covered, you also have to keep the rest of their bodies dry when it rains on your trip. The answer? Outerwear. Raincoats, puffer jackets, and more can fully-protect your kids from getting when if it suddenly rains in where you’re travelling.

They’ll still be able to play around, hike through forests, and do loads of other vacation activities and still end up dry at the end of the day. And while you’re at it, it’s best to pack along an umbrella as well.



Travelling to different places is also the perfect time to educate your child about various things. Pack along some fun books they could read when they get bored on the flight or during the train ride.

Such books can be your normal storybooks, educational puzzles, or even kid-friendly guides to where you’re going. You have all the free time in the world during such trips, so make the most out of it and incorporate your children’s education into the fun.

And during the bedtime, if they’re too excited and stimulated to sleep, a good bedtime story can instantly do the trick.


Toys and Games

rain boots for kids

If your kids aren’t exactly the reading kind, it’s best to pack along some toys and games instead. The games can be puzzles and colouring books so that it’s still a bit educational and your children can do them without disturbing your co-passengers.

As for the toys, the less noisy and the smaller, the better. Action figures are good for boys that are much older, while dolls work for the girls of the same age bracket.

For younger ones, their favourite stuffed animals and blocks can do too. Just make sure that all these toys and games are easy enough to pack in your carry-on, so whenever boredom strikes your kids, you’ll be ready.


Your Phone

In our time, the phone is the parents’ best bet into calming down and distracting their children. There are no loads of free apps and games that are catered for kids.

The older ones will enjoy arcade-like games and puzzles, while toddlers and infants will get instantly distracted by lullaby music and cartoon apps.

The great thing about phones is that it is already an essential object in our everyday lives and it won’t bulk your carry-on!



Let your kids enjoy your family vacation by packing along any or all of these travel essentials. They’ll lessen your worry about travelling with your kids, and all will come in handy in the right times.