Product Features

KidORCA Rain Boots’ Product Features

Drawstring Toggle System

  • enclosed elastic cord prevents water penetration and provides a customizable fit of the kids’ rain boots
  • easy-grip

100% Waterproof Fabric

  • waterproof under high pressure (downpours and deep puddles)
  • breathable polyester outer-layer with nylon lining
  • fully sealed seams inside the kids’ rain boots and textile
  • cloth is treated both inside and outside – polyurethane coating doubled with water repellent solution for maximum anti-leak protection
  • fast-drying and easy care – wipe or brush clean
  • soft but tear-resistant textile withstands regular kids challenges like crawling and falling

KidORCA Kids Rain Boots


Natural Rubber Boots

  • eco-friendly rain boots
  • reliable, puddle-proof wellies
  • flexible and comfortable
  • made from durable yet soft rubber to stand the test of time
  • high shaft rain boots
  • extra light – weigh just over a half of a pound each, so they won’t drag down small feet
  • easy to pull-on “myself” thanks to the fabric to hold on
  • non-slip enhanced tread outsole to improve traction on slick surfaces
  • gorgeous color choices to brighten even the dreariest days
  • featuring a cute baby creature in front of the rain boot
  • soft rubber soles recommended for child’s gait and stride to develop naturally
  • rounded toe box of the puddle boots gives plenty of room for toes to move
  • well-contoured last is supportive in the arch and narrowing in the heel guaranteeing a good fit so you child may play tag or swing on monkey-bars


Stylish Foldable Waders

  • functional and fashionable
  • waders fold up easily over the puddle boots converting them into urban style wellies
  • high-quality rainproof fabric
  • taller than average leg coverage against the elements and water
  • sewing seams sealed gently by waterproof tape

Invest in some waterproof clothing and the children can play, exercise and have fun outdoors – even when it’s cold and raining. Little ones’ feet are both dry and comfy, whatever the weather, with KidORCA Waders that are built to inspire.