Cotton Lining

Kids love splashing around in puddles and mud after a good rainfall. After spending the day cooped up inside the house, they can’t wait to run around, jump, and hop onto the wet streets and yards. But what will keep them safe from catching a cold outside? Our special brand of kids’ rain boots! Pretty and practical, our line of rain-ready footwear is effective in keeping your little one’s feet safe, dry, and warm. It also doesn’t hurt that these precious little booties, available in a variety of sizes and in bright colours, are also eye-pleasers that are too cute to boot!

Our most common range of boots is the cotton-lined kids’ rain boots. Making use of fine, soft, and delicate cotton fabrics, these boots will warm any little feet for long hours. Even as your kids splash harder in puddles or waddle on to ponds and streams, their feet will still come out nice and dry when the day is done. And with the supplementary above-knee gaiters that are also made out of cotton, even their legs and knees would be protected from external moisturizer as well. The cotton-lined kids’ rain boots come in four distinct colours: yellow, blue, pink, and gray.

Keep your kids dry and dandy by purchasing them a pair from our fabulous line of kids’ rain boots with cotton-lining. They’re stylish and safe to wear for any wet environment, be it a puddle on the street, a rain-soaked backyard, or even a pond or stream.