Fleece Lining Kids Rain Boots

Keeping the feet dry is the primary function of rain boots, but what about keeping them warm? Rain boots are good footwear to on during winter as well, so any pair must induce as much heat as it avoids any moisture ingress. Kids, in particular, are more prone to getting their feet wet if not give the right footwear. Whether it’s running in the snow or jumping on puddles after the rain, there’s no stopping your little ones from playing in wet environments. And why should you? If they’re wearing KidORCA’s special line of fleece-lined kids’ rain boots, your kids’ feet should be the least of your worries.

Fleece is becoming a common material among clothing and retail brands today. It’s a wool-type fabric that can also be light but can still contain all the warming capabilities of a good knit piece. This makes it the perfect lining for a nice pair of kids’ rain boots. With this one-of-a-kind and high-quality fabric, your kids will toe will remain dry and toasty all day through. Similarly to cotton-lining, the fleece alternative also helps avoid an water or other wet properties from entering the footwear and affecting your children’s feet.

Now, you might be thinking that, since fleece is a tiny bit heavier than cotton that they’ll add more unnecessary weight. Wrong! With the help of-of our amazing engineers and designers, we here at KidORCA were able to create high-quality fleece-lined footwear that’s lightweight and easy to slip on.  Yous kids can still easily enjoy playing outside while wearing them!