KidORCA BLUE Kids Waders with Above-Knee Gaiter Fleece Lining


5.00 out of 5
MyPuddle Boots by KidORCA

Kids Rain Boots with Waterproof Above-Knee Gaiter

Color: BLUE
Lining: FLEECE

KidORCA MyPuddle Boots – the best of waders and rain boots.

  • Maximum protection from water ingress
  • 100% waterproof breathable upper securely covers the leg above the knee
  • natural rubber
  • fashionable design
  • lightweight
  • cozy fleece lining
  • adjustable toggle system
  • all seams sealed

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7 reviews for KidORCA BLUE Kids Waders with Above-Knee Gaiter Fleece Lining

  1. Kimberley Thorn

    My boys enjoy paddling with our dog when we go for walks along a local stream. But even with wellies on, they ended up with cold wet feet. I always wondered why kids rain boots go only half way up the leg?

    I’ve been looking for good waders but have found even a better solution. I’ve ordered KidORCAs to see if it could make life a little easier… and they’ve been simply awesome!!!

    My kids are now happily wading out up to their knees. I LOVE the boots because they keep kids’ feet dry and our walks complete. Now we can stay out for hours.

  2. Francesca Farrow

    Brilliant idea for splashy fun! Well worth buying. Kind Regards.

  3. Lyn Charles

    I’ve got a pair for my son’s preschool nature program.

    And I really have to say a huge thank you! I was upset when conventional rubber boots resulted in wet feet by the end of each class no matter how tightly I pulled the waterproof pants over the boots. They do a lot of water studies by the lake, and now I couldn’t be happier. Boots have done a good job keeping him dry.

    I suspect I will be buying these boots again.

  4. Vika Bel

    So much easier at the beach out of season! We had a chance to test the rain boots this weekend. My boys were playing football in the ocean shallow water (it stretches out for a long distance here). In January! So much fun!

  5. Laura Cooper

    Excellent quality! Keep feet dry and warm even with running or splashing. Fast delivery, approx 5 days to NJ.


    Great Blue Rubber boots! To be honest, these boots are even better than I was expecting! My Little one is 1-year-old. He just started walking. KidORCA rain boots are super lightweight and He was able to walk around and play just as easy as he was barefoot:)! These KidORCA puddle boots didn’t slow him down at all!

    KidORCA rubber boots for kids has adjustable buckles and I found this is so smart solution is protecting water from seeping in!

    Most importantly, I know that my baby’s feet stay dry and warm, no matter what size would be a puddle. I’m happy with this purchase!!! I Would definitely recommend these KidORCA boots!

  7. Tatiana

    As a mother of super active twins i’m always on a hunt for best protective “equipment” for my little explorers! So we put KidORCA rain boots on. I let them run and jump and splash in the creek. I saw my kids faces full of joy and constantly laughing, playing in a water …. in a winter time:)!
    Everybody came out dry and happy!
    No need to wait summer to have fun with water, just need to have right rubber boots!
    So in my opinion kidOrca boots are must have items in your closet!
    It’s best protection that I ever tried!

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