KidORCA Children Rain Boots with Above Knee Waders CORAL


Children Wader Boots by KidORCA

Kids Rain Boots with Waterproof Above-Knee Gaiter

Color: CORAL
Lining: COTTON

KidORCA Children Rubber Boots – the best of waders and rain boots.

  • Maximum protection from water and elements
  • 100% waterproof breathable upper securely covers the leg above the knee
  • natural rubber
  • fashionable design
  • lightweight
  • cotton lining
  • adjustable toggle system
  • all seams sealed

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Let you child’s outdoor adventure begin without feeling scared of the wet and cold surroundings!

KidORCA Children Waders

  • KidORCA CHILDREN WADERS fold down easily converting them into urban style wellies.
  • Gaiter: BREATHABLE and WATERPROOF. High-quality 10 000 mm waterproof upper.
  • TALLER than average leg coverage against the elements and water.
  • SEAMS SEALED gently by waterproof tape.
  • EXTRA LIGHT – weigh just over a half of a pound each, so they will not drag down small feet.
  • SOFT but TEAR-RESISTANT textile withstands regular kids challenges like crawling and falling.
  • Enclosed CORD prevents water penetration and provides a customizable fit of the kids’ rain boots.
  • MEMBRANE cloth is treated both inside and outside – polyurethane coating doubled with waterproof solution for maximum anti-leak protection.

Adorable Pair of Stylish Kids Waders

With its gleaming coral shine and natural rubber shimmer, this pair of waders can spruce up any rainy day outfit your kids wear. 

Rubber Boots for Toddlers and Older Children

The most vital feature of KidORCA Children Wader Boots is that they are lightweight. The natural rubber material used to construct the pair isn’t as thick as normal rubber, so even though your little one’s feet are safely snug inside the footwear, they won’t be slowed down.  In fact, not even the extra accessory of a knee gaiter will be much of an additional weight as well. This supplementary cover-up is made out of cotton, similarly to the lining inside the boots. Such material is so delicate, smooth, and soft, that even when added with the boots’ rubber exterior, the footwear will still light and airy.

Another adorable feature to look forward to is its fashionable design. The shade of coral on the rain boots is one that is usually trendy and cool. The color is not too babyish, but it’s also not too dark that it becomes too mature. This coral is just right, and it’s great for adding a grown-up flair for your child’s rainy weather outfit. 

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