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  • Children Rain Boots by KidORCA
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  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
  • Kid Rain Boots
  • Children Rain Boots
  • KidORCA Kids Rain Boots
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  • kids' rain boots
  • kids' rain boots
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  • Kids Rain Boots by KidORCA

“…Think of how great it is! Water – right there, laying – right there, all flat and reflective, and you stomp in and make a big splash! Wow! That’s fantastic!”

Why Puddles are so Magnetically Attractive to Kids?

Some kids prefer to relish treading in the puddle, slowly moving in different pathways and observing the rippling effects. They act like natural scientists who explore the thrilling watery universe. Others just cannot withstand the impulse and bounce in every single puddle they find! They wade into the deep middle and jump non-stop there, wild-eyed and giddy.

KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots are created to extend these terrific moments of curiosity, discovery, and joy. With passion to kids’ natural development in the atmosphere of freedom and fun, we promote puddle-jumping as a precious spirit of childhood.

Your Lovely KidORCA Rain Boots

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MORE TIME FOR JOY: Extended 100% Waterproof Fabric

“…My children can spot a puddle from a mile away and be jumping in it within seconds…”

All the rain gear, waterproof jackets or pants, are worthless as soon as kids’ feet get wet. Active puddle jumpers contrive to scoop cold water into the rain boots at once.

Our KidORCA team has successfully implemented the innovative idea of extra leak protection by extending the waterproof area of puddle boots above the children’s knees. No need to worry if your mini-explorer measures the depth of a puddle and it turns out to be deeper than the boot height. The joint between children rain boots and waterproof thigh high waders is 100% insulated.

In KidORCA MyPuddle Boots your lovely minion can fully enjoy splashing and running, or even crawling in the puddle. You don’t have to interrupt your outdoor play because these “waders-like” rain boots help to keep feet dry and warm.

An adjustable buckle regulates the cord for a perfect, secure fit.

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HIKING and CASUAL Kids’ Rain Boots

Stylish, with eye-catching finish, KidORCA kids’ rain boots are perfect for urban adventures.

Lightweight, soft and flexible waterproof waders is easily foldable over the boot, giving a trendy outlook.

Don’t be surprised if your kids actually want it to rain when you give them these colourful puddle boots with irresistible design featuring a lovely creature in front.

Fashion merges with functionality, meaning your kids’ thigh-high waders can double up as urban rain boots for occasional wearing.

KidORCA Rain Boots
KidORCA Rain Boots
KidORCA Kids’ Rain Boots: easily rollable upper

ECO-FRIENDLY: Natural Rubber Boots

KidORCA is offering the safest choice, our puddle boots are made from all-natural rubber that is derived from the sap of rubber trees Hevea Brasiliensis grown in tropics.

Natural rubber guarantees you the most flexible boot, offers the best thermal protection in chilly weather, proves to be durable and resistant to elements.

KidORCA wellington boots are lovingly created to handle any serious kid challenge: digging trenches in the mud, puddle jumping or “hide-and-seek” at the playground.

Kids’ Rain Boots for mini explorers

WARM and COSY: Polar Fleece Lining

A bonus feature of KidORCA kids’ rain boots is a cozy polar fleece lining added inside for extra warmth and comfort. Generally, they can be worn from temperate to sub-zero conditions.

Moreover, our wellies have lightweight slip-resistant rubber soles so kids don’t feel weighed down, but encouraged to investigate the mysterious watery microcosm full of fun and new discoveries.

Kids’ Rain Boots designed by mom

KidORCA kids’ rain boots paired with a rain outfit of some kind means your child is warm and protected. There’s no more excuse not to head outdoors for healthy look and rosy cheeks).

“…He loves puddles, and puddles love him…”

Great Ideas for Welly Wander Day

There is nothing better than watching the expression of pure joy on your kids face as they jump in a puddle. Your kids will love these fun activities and you will appreciate their educational background.

KidORCA boots for puddles. Just add a child. 🙂

1 Shrinking Puddle
When the rain stops and the sun comes out, draw a contour line around a puddle with a stick or a piece of chalk. Go back an hour later to see if the puddle has shrunk. Keep drawing lines around the puddles until it disappears. Choose several puddles of different sizes for this experiment. Muddy or clear. Does the size of the puddle or its purity affect the speed at which it shrinks? Can you speed up the process of evaporation?

2 Puddle Splash or Puddle Sweeping
Could you splash all the water out of a puddle? How long does it take? What tactics work best? Or as an option, give children small brooms and have them sweep the water. What else can they do with a broom? Make waves, swirls, and on and on.

3 How deep is the puddle?
What about marking cm/inches onto the back of your wellies using a ruler and permanent pen – then you can measure how deep the puddle is with your feet.

4 Drainage System
Do your puddles have plugs? Can it be drained? Where should the water be channeled to? Do you need some special equipment to perform this job?

5 Stepping Stones or Bridges
Make a dry way through a puddle without your feet touching the water. You may use stones or wide sticks.

6 Whirlpools
Make a whirlpool with a stick, swirl it around very quickly. Add a leaf or a chip and see what happens… Don’t forget simple, old-fashioned, rain boot stomping, splish-splashing, stick swishing, and pebble tossing puddle fun too.

We create kids’ rain boots to encourage puddle play. We believe it develops creative behaviour and positive attitude toward solving problems. As parents, we just need to give our children the opportunities to explore and the freedom to live out their ideas.

We will be happy to have your kid’s photo in our joyful collection! Upload photos on our contact form