Children must be supervised when around the water. Do not leave your child unattended.

There is an increased risk of slip with on-going sole wear. Exposure to solvents, oils and animal fats can swell the rubber, also increasing the risk of slip.

Please note that KidORCA footwear contains natural latex rubber which some people may be allergic to.




Consumers of the Model 2021 KidORCA Rain Jacket Hard Shell Waterproof should remove the drawstring and toggle from the bottom of the jacket by cutting both sides of the cord.


NEW Model 2022 KidORCA Rain Jacket DOES NOT have any drawstring or toggles at the bottom of the jacket, and is in compliance with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.


Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act:

Section 4.2.2, drawstrings at the waist and bottom of children’s upper outerwear size 2T to 16 shall not have attachments at the free ends.
Though KidORCA Jackets do not have free ends, we advise our customers to remove the toggles.
The product correction can be done easily and safely by consumers. The correction will not affect the appearance or performance of the jacket in any way. Please see the images BEFORE and AFTER.
These corrective actions are sufficient to comply with the Health Canada requirements.