Thank you for buying KidORCA Rain Boots.



When the Buyer receives the Product, he/she should examine whether or not the Product is in accordance with the Order and whether the Product has been damaged during transport or whether the Product suffers from defects. If the Product is not in accordance with the Order, has been damaged during transport or suffers from defects, the Buyer must give notice to the Seller. The Seller will refund or replace Products that are damaged, defective or not in accordance with the Order on delivery.

If at any time after delivery the Product is found to be defective, the Buyer must, within a reasonable time after the Buyer became aware of the defect, send a notice to the Seller of the defect. This must be done no later than one month from when the defect was discovered by the Buyer. Any notices of default and notices of claims must be made in writing by clicking the contact us button.


KidORCA wellington boots purchased from this Website are covered by six (6) month warranty against materials and workmanship. Material refers to a toggle system, fabrics and rubber. Workmanship refers to seams, seam tape and construction. KidORCA rain boots are hand crafted, using a combination of modern technology and traditional craft techniques. We use a natural product, tapped from rubber trees in tropical plantations. For this reason, each KidORCA rain boot is unique and may show tiny imperfections in appearance. These in no way affect the performance or durability of the boot. Please note, damage due to reasonable wear and tear such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy.

Items deemed defective and therefore covered under manufacturer’s defect warranty will be replaced at no cost to the Buyer.

If you believe your footwear is defective, the best way to resolve the issue is to send us an e-mail at info@kidorca.com along with a scanned copy of your sales receipt, your contact information, a brief description of the problem and a photo of the product showing the problem area. Please allow 15 business days for us to respond, while we investigate.

If the product you return is found to be covered by this warranty and you are able to provide the original proof of purchase, KidORCA may issue a refund to you for the purchase price you originally paid or, at KidORCA’s discretion, offer an exchange up to the value of the original order. All exchanges are at KidORCA’s discretion and subject to the availability of suitable replacement stock.

What IS Covered Under Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty:

  • Seams not properly sealed
  • Leaking at seams after first use
  • Waterproof items not keeping water out after first use
  • Missing parts

What is NOT Covered Under Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty:

  • Damages due to the products normal wear and tear
  • Improper fitting/sizing
  • Damages due to improper use of the products and poor maintenance
  • Damages due to non-observance of the instructions or restrictions for use of the products
  • Damages due to non-observance of the instructions for maintenance
  • Damages due to modification of the products
  • Damages due to any impact caused by sharp items, due to torsion, compression, a fall, an abnormal impact or other actions that cannot be under KidORCA’s reasonable control.

The present warranty is not enforceable if:

  • The Product is not returned in its original packaging.
  • The Product has been modified or repaired by any person or entity other than KidORCA or an authorized KidORCA retailer.

Occasionally white marks may appear on your boots. This is not a defect, but a release of natural protective wax that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.


In case of Defect, KidORCA agrees to accept the claim, replace or repair the Product at no charge for the end-user and return it. This shall be determined in the sole discretion of KidORCA or his authorized retailer unless this is impossible or disproportionate.

The remedy will be deemed to be disproportionate by KidORCA if it imposes costs on KidORCA which, in comparison with the alternative remedy, are unreasonable, taking into account :

  • The value the goods would have if there were no Defect,
  • The significance of the Defect,
  • Whether the alternative remedy could be completed without significant inconvenience to the consumer.

KidORCA agrees that all repair or replacement of the Product will occur within a reasonable period and without any major inconvenience for the consumer.

Replacement of your footwear under warranty will not extend the period of the warranty. The warranty provides benefits that are additional to and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

The consumer is not entitled to have the contract rescinded if the Defect is minor.

For all warranty claims, please produce the Product and the proof of purchase to KidORCA for evaluation.