Dear Puddle Splashers and their Parents!

We are happy to announce the launch of a new children brand KidORCA with its absolutely innovative product – gorgeous puddle boots designed for your active little explorers. Having already gained years of expertise in the children rain gear industry, we were lucky to meet a group of professional technicians who succeeded in implementing our unique idea.

Being parents of four, you may already suspect yourself to be an expert in children necessities. Inspired by kids’ energy and our love to nature (it is hard to withstand its beauty living in British Columbia, Canada), we went through an exciting journey of creating a product that, we believe, will add more colors and joy to your child’s life.

We’ve noticed how children are passionate about puddles. You can hardly find a little one who avoids at least stepping into a puddle. Most of the kids in a second rush into the water, destroying its mysterious stillness. It is such a pleasure to observe how much thrill they have running through the puddles, jumping or even crawling. And our favorite culmination would be: “Look at me! I’ve found the very bottom! It’s deep! And water inside my boots makes such a funny squishy noise…)”

Our charming and playful twins have left us with less room for maneuvers. When you have three little monkeys in your gang, bringing a change of clothes for everyone may be quite a challenge. Wet feet obviously cut our outside walks shorter. Conventional rain boots and waterproof coveralls were not of much help, the splashed water easily seeped over the boot top. Chest-high waders seemed bulky and less appropriate for casual wear.

KidORCA Children Rain Boots incorporate all the requirements that parents may set. Stylish and lightweight, boots take the best from waders’ functionality while keeping the benefits of regular rain footwear.

We enclose substantial meaning into this invention. Promoting the active attitude to life and boundless curiosity, KidORCA encourages the movement of enthusiastic parents who cultivate the adventurous spirit in their kids. Children love playing. It is their job. And our job is to provide comfortable and enriched environment for them.

Please welcome to our club of puddle jumpers.

Let’s join our kids and make the biggest splash!