KidORCA Children Rain Boots Features

KidKidORCA Children Rubber Boots are made of natural rubber. The rain boots consist of many pieces and are built by hand. The built boot undergoes a process where all pieces melt together and the result is a whole boot.

The comfort properties of a fabric depend on its ability to transmit water and vapor from the body to prevent accumulation of liquid. KidORCA designs and engineers breathable, waterproof fabric technologies, setting the new precedent for how today’s protective fabrics perform with the human body and against the elements.

In footwear, at least, there are a lot of options for what can come between you and the pavement. The KidORCA Boots sole is a classic rubber outsole. Known for its thick tread, the KidORCA sole offers great traction and weather resistance.

Stay comfortable and supported in this easy-to-wear KidORCA waterproof boots that features a slip-resistant outsole.